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Contact: 415-368-5400

Contact: 415-368-5400

The Small Dog

Finally, your dog will enjoy traveling in the car with a window view & safely secured in a Doggie Driving TM

Small Dog Car Seat.

Car Seat

Fiona Ma, Assemblywoman San Francisco,- “Maggie Loves her seat!”

    Doggie Driving’s unique patent pending design

    secures & supports small dogs traveling in the car.

The hand crafted hard shell under the cover is specifically engineered & designed to protect & support your dog in case of a sudden stop, accident, or deployment of the airbag.

The Unique Comfort-Ledge TM supports the dog in a variety

of positions.

Dogs can sit or lay-down safely secured & in comfort

Drive with your full attention on the road while your dog enjoys the ride comfortably secured & protected in the Doggie Driving Small Dog Car Seat.

Adjustable Safety Strap secures the dog in the seat.

Stylish Limited Editions Available

Happily Made in the U.S. A.